Are you looking for the answers to make things right at your home? Are you planning to solve a problem with the help of Vastu? If you are still struggling to find answers to such questions then this post is for you. We will be covering all free Vastu tips for home. All of these Vastu tips will certainly bring fortune and peace at home.

Vastu Shastra is believed to be the oldest Indian science of architecture. I am sure you have heard this term before but never went deep to understand it thoroughly and its importance. It nicely teaches us the principles of layout & design, ground preparation, the measurement part, and the space arrangement overall.

Did you know as per Vastu every structure in the home has to be built in a particular direction? We will try to cover all tips of Vastu for home in this post. It will be helpful if you consider all of these while buying a new home. Let’s get started.

Let’s understand the basics of Vastu first to understand it thoroughly.

What Are Vastu Elements?

According to Vastu Shastra, our universe is made of 5 elements Air, Earth, Fire, Space, and Water. The balance between all these elements rules the world in any form be it house, office, shop, or the entire world. Every element governs a specific direction. Here are the five elements of Vastu that you should know before understanding all Vastu Shastra tips for home.

  1. Earth- Prithvi: This element is considered to bring stability and patience. It dominates the center of the house and corners of the house (diagonal directions)
  2. Air- Vayu: Air is to bring fun and happiness in life, it rules the Eastside.
  3. Space- Akasha: The space element has an impact on your cognitive energy & mental space. It directs all forms of social energies, and it rules the west side.
  4. Fire- Agni: Fire element take care of confidence, success & money. It rules the Southside.
  5. Water- Jal: Water is a major element in human life. It governs your health and your immune system. It rules the Northside.

There are many areas in a house where you need to be very careful while designing. Here are a few major tips according to Vastu which will help you to have a peaceful life overall. Let’s go into detail about each segment of Vastu for home

The Best Direction For The House As Per Vastu Shastra

Best direction for the house as per Vastu Shastra
Best directions for the house as per Vastu Shastra

You might have noticed that few directions are considered good; while others are not. The main entrance of your house is the main source of energy to flow in and out as energies travel through the main entrance side generally.

  1. Northeast is the direction associated with God. The best directions for the house are North, East, or North-East. You need to check this before buying a home new home. For already constructed homes you may plan a renovation to change the direction of the entrance.
  2. The Northwest-facing house is good for health and fortune.
  3. Never make the entrance in the South or South-West direction. It is believed to be the direction of evil. It symbolizes good wealth but misfortune. 
  4. To remove the bad effects of having a southwest-facing house is to place a tile with the image of Hanuman on the wall near the entrance door. You can also use a few gemstones and metals like yellow sapphire, earth crystals, and led which can reduce the negative energy caused by the wrong direction
  5. A west-facing house is generally not considered good for females of the house, although it is good for young family members.
  6. South-East is considered inauspicious according to Vastu. It can cause disputes, litigation or illness, and anger. To offset the bad effect you should install an image of Gayatri Mantra or Goddess Gayathri on any side of the main entrance door. Few stones like Yellow sapphire, coral, and copper are other tools that can also be used as a remedy.
  7. The south and west corner walls should be thicker and higher than in the east and north.
  8. The total number of windows and doors should be even in any house

Best Vastu Tips & Tricks For Home Entrance

Vastu Tips for home entrance
Vastu Tips for home entrance

House entrance Vastu should be given the highest importance according to Vastu Shastra. The main source of all energies whether positive or negative is the main entrance of the home. We need to make sure to align it in such a way that it attracts positive energies and distracts the negative ones. This is one of the most important areas where Vastu plays an important role. The entry gate of the home should be in a particular direction for the well-being of the family. Here are a few important bullet points which will cover the best Vastu for home entrance.

  1. The main entrance gate must be bigger enough and heavier than other doors of the house
  2. The best direction of the entrance gate is North, East, or North-East side. That means when you look outside from your entrance gate you direct towards these sides.
  3. If your entrance is facing in the wrong direction Wood is considered to be the most auspicious material to offset the negative impact (Dosha) of the entrance door. You must add wood and metal which can correct this dosha. A full wooden door is the most auspicious.
  4. For a South facing the door, you must add wood and metal to offset the bad effects
  5. For a West facing the door, it is recommended that it should be made of metal.
  6. The north direction door must have silver color on it.
  7. You should not place dustbin or garbage near this gate, it should be kept clean and decorated to attract wealth
  8. Try not to have three doors inline or parallel to the main door, as it can affect the happiness of the family
  9. Make sure this gate doesn’t face intersecting roads or any temple
  10. The door must open inwards not outwards
  11. The main entrance should be brightly lit to exude warmth and happiness. It should never be in a dark state.
  12. You may use wind chimes at the entrance to ensure cash flow
  13. For financial gains, you can place a picture of Goddess Laxmi near the main gate
  14. Always use nameplates to personalize your home. It should be clearly visible and the text should be easy to read as it attracts good opportunities
  15. Never use mirrors in front of the main entrance door otherwise good energies will be reflected away from the home.
  16. Mirrors are like double-edged swords; they reflect energies be they good or bad. However, it is advisable to consult an expert before placing a mirror at a right angle.
  17. Every home should have a raised platform or threshold (that means the entry door should be a little raised than the surface of the outside). The slightly raised platform will act as a blockage to negative energies
  18. To prevent loss of wealth you can add a stone or wood threshold
  19. Build some steps so that the home is not on the same level as the ground
  20. Put a doormat just outside the main entrance if feasible. It is not just an accessory but more than that. When you wipe your feet before entering, you are leaving behind all the bad vibes outside
  21. The corners adjoining to entrance door must always have empty space to inculcate wellness in the environment of the house.
  22. Use high-quality wood for the main entrance door if you can afford
  23. Avoid having dents and scratches on the doors
  24. Don’t let the entrance face another home’s entrance
  25. Don’t obstruct the main entrance with plants, furniture, and other decors
  26. Septic should not be near the entrance
  27. The shoe rack and shoes should not be in front of the main entrance
  28. You should not use a circular or sliding entrance door

Vastu Shastra Tips For Living Room

The impressive area of your home which you want to show to all the guests who flock into your home. This is also the main activity area of your home where most of the activity takes place during the daytime. This is the playground for all the energies entering your home. Of course, you will want it to be the most beautiful and impressive area along with giving a warm and comfortable feel. By following a few special tips you can work it towards your betterment as well.

  1. A perfect living room should face East, North, or northeast.
  2. To ensure positive energy host (you) should sit in such a way that you face towards the north and the east, and the guests to be seated opposite the host.
  3. Avoid having any beam or girder across the ceiling of the living room to avoid mental stress
  4. Place heavy furniture in the South-west or west direction of the living room
  5. Place electronics and appliances in the south-east of the living room
  6. The mirror can be on the north wall

Vastu Shastra Tips For Staircase

This is one of the most overlooked areas when considering Vastu tips for houses, but is very important. It connects the floor of the house or the roof. Here are a few guidelines for the staircase:

  1. The ideal location for the staircase is the western or southern side of the house
  2. You should not have a spiral staircase in the house. It is considered to attract negative energy
  3. Avoid making a staircase in the northeast corner to avoid financial losses for the owner
  4. The total number of steps should result in an odd number and should not end with zero
  5. The staircase should build in such a way so that it is not visible to visitors
  6. Never make a bathroom, kitchen, or puja room under the staircase. You may create a storeroom under it
  7. Don’t leave the broken stairs just like that fix them instantly to avoid accidents and unnecessary tensions

Vastu Shastra Tips For Bedroom

Vastu Shastra Tips For Bedroom
Vastu Shastra Tips For Bedroom

Everyone loves to relax in a peaceful area that’s why this is also a crucial area where you need to be very careful while designing it. The ideal direction for bedrooms especially the master bedroom is South-West. The south-west direction focuses on the natural element ‘Earth’, which signifies heaviness

  1. The perfect location for the master bedroom is South-West for good health and prosperity
  2. Kids’ bedrooms should be in the South-West direction. Kids should sleep with their heads pointing towards the south or east for a peaceful mind. Your kid’s room should be located in the south, west, or northwest directions. Their wardrobes should be in the south or west direction and the door must be in the east or north.
  3. Guest rooms should be in the north-west or southern direction, and never be in the south-west direction.
  4. Don’t make a bedroom on the north-east or south-east side of the house to avoid health issues as these directions are ruled by the Fire element
  5. Never place a mirror/dressing table in front of the bed, as reflecting a sleeping person is inauspicious.
  6. Wall paint of the bedroom should be neutral which is the receptor of the positive energies. Don’t use dark colors
  7. Use attractive wall hangings or pictures which you want to look at in the morning after getting up
  8. You must sleep facing head towards South or East side of the bedroom, this is good practice to get good sleep and long life, as east brings enlightenment
  9. Avoid having any window behind you while sleeping
  10. Rooms should not be circular, as this is not compliant with Vastu. They should be straight i.e. rectangular or square
  11. The door of a room should not be placed exactly at the corner of the room. This is a very common mistake that people make. It seems illogical because placing things within a room becomes difficult if the door occupies a corner.

Vastu Shastra Tips For Balcony

Vastu tips for balcony
Vastu Shastra Tips For Balcony

You are lucky if you have a balcony. This is the area where you breathe fresh air and a cup of tea. For some people, the balcony is a must while deciding to buy a new home. You should consider a few important guidelines as per Vastu for your balcony because if it faces the wrong direction, it can lead to major problems. Fee important points for balconies

  1. Experts say the balcony should be in the North, East, or North-East direction. This area receives the maximum sunlight. South or West directions are considered negative a balcony.
  2. The floor of your balcony should be lower than the main floor of the building.
  3. The balcony is to sit and relax. You can use heavy furniture like chairs, tables, bean bags, or stools. You should place them in the South-West corner of the balcony.
  4. If you have swings on the balcony, it should face the North or South direction.
  5. The roof of the balcony should slope towards the North or East direction. It should never be towards south or West
  6. The height of the roof should also be lower than the main roof of the building
  7. Never use the tin as a roof for your balcony
  8. To attract positive energy place smaller flower pots. Don’t keep huge plants. You should use colorful flowers on the balcony
  9. Flower pots should be in the West, South, or South-West part of your balcony.
  10. Never use creepers as they attract negative energies and obstruct sunlight
  11. You should use soothing lights on the balcony as a dark or very dim lit balcony can lead to negativity.
  12. You can use pretty lamps to avoid harsh lights on your balcony
  13. Never use a dark color on the walls on the balcony as you want to relax here otherwise it will spoil the experience. Calm colors like white, beige, blue, and light pink are perfect

Doable Vastu Tips For Home Kitchen | Which Direction Is Suitable For Kitchen?

Vastu tips for Kitchen
Vastu tips for home kitchen

The area is the backbone of all the positive energies which prevail in the house. As per Vastu, there are 5 elements earth, water, fire, air, and space and the kitchen governs the element Fire. A few other important aspects you need to look at while designing your beautiful kitchen.

  1. The best location for the kitchen is the south-East direction. It should never be in the north, north-east, or south-west direction of the house
  2. The kitchen counter with the cooktop should face the east. It is best to face east while cooking
  3. The kitchen should never be adjoining to toilets and bathrooms, not even above or below
  4. The water sink should be on North –East side with enough distance from the cooking gas
  5. Avoid putting the dining table in the center of the kitchen, you can place it in a north-west direction
  6. You should store utensils and food grains on the southern and western walls
  7. Appliances in the kitchen should be in the southeast direction
  8. The kitchen color as per Vastu should be orange, saffron orange, white, green, yellow, pink

Vastu Shastra Tips For Financial Freedom

  1. You can achieve financial prosperity by following the simple Vastu tips mentioned below. These are easy to follow:
  2. The entrance gate should be clean and well-lit. For more details read the full article where we have covered this topic in detail
  3. For a good financial position, the best color for the house would be purple which represents wealth. For old houses, you can use a money plant in a purple pot as an alternate.
  4. The cash locker (Tijori) or almirah should be in the South or South-West wall of the house so that when it opens up it faces to the North of the house.
  5. Placing a mirror in front of the cash locker is a very good practice.
  6. Place water bodies (small fountain, some other showpiece) in the North-Eastern part of your house to attract constructive energy.
  7. Avoid having water leakages, faulty faucet taps to avoid financial losses
  8. Place or hang a bird feeder in the North-Western part of the house to attract money.
  9. Place an aquarium in the North-Eastern part of the house. It is believed that fishes help purify the home. Keep the aquarium clean and aerated.
  10. Proper airflow in the house is good luck for wealth. You may use wind chimes at the entrance to ensure cash flow. Proper ventilation and ample sunlight always attract money
  11. It is very effective to place Goddess Laxmi’s picture or idol near the entrance for financial gains
  12. Keeping a flute in the house will keep all the financial crises away.
  13. Hanging 2 flutes will help you if you are having trouble with your education or career

Vastu Shastra Tips For A Healthy Life

  1. For a sound sleep, you should always sleep with your head towards the South.
  2. Leave the center of the house empty or with very light furniture for a free flow of energy.
  3. Place a fire element like a candle, Diya, or fireplace, in the Southeast or Northwest direction of the house to offset the imbalance of fire elements which causes sickness in the family
  4. Don’t place mirrors or television opposite the bed. Mirrors reflecting a sleeping person are not at all good which creates the problem of energy drain thus causing sickness.
  5. Don’t mix the energies of the Bathroom and kitchen. If they are opposite to each other, keep the doors closed after usage
  6. Keep a burning candle in the room if someone is not feeling well in the house for a speedy recovery
  7. Keep your face towards North-East or East while drinking water for good health.
  8. Growing citrus fruit plants invite good health into the house, you can also keep them at the entrance of the house.
  9. Place a Lord Hanuman’s picture facing towards the south of the house for better health. He is the God of power and energy and will shower his blessings
  10. Vastu Tips for beautiful homes with good Family Relationships
  11. Hang or place happy photos of your family in the Northeast of your house to bring happiness.
  12. Sandalwood Statue creates a harmonious relationship. Place a white sandalwood statue at a place where it is visible multiple times, this will help ease the tense relationships
  13. If there is a dispute among the male members of the family, to ease the tension place a small branch of the Kadamba tree at home
  14. If there is a dispute among the female members of the family, don’t wear red clothes at the same time or on the same occasion.
  15. Don’t use pictures depicting violence in the house to avoid negative energy.
  16. Placing a wind chime with crystals in the bedroom will help minimize fights between family members.

Easy Vastu Tips For Happy Home

  1. Remove cobwebs (spider webs) as they hinder the financial growth of the family members.
  2. Corners are an important source of energy. Keep them bright
  3. Place a Tulsi plant in the North-East direction of the house, this will transform the negative energy into positive energy in the house
  4. Never have a cactus plant inside the house. It is considered as a negative plant which surely affects the health & relationships of the members.
  5. Avoid having a spiral staircase in the house to avoid negative energy.
  6. Place a Lord Kubera Idol on the Northside of the house, this will help find a job
  7. Place a Lord Ganesha idol facing towards the entrance of the house for overall best results in life
  8. Never have non-working clocks in the house, if you have any fix them at the earliest.
  9. The best direction to place a wall clock is North, which is governed by Kubera, the god of wealth and prosperity. The placement will also keep all the financial difficulties away from the family. Second, the best location is in the east direction. East is ruled by the king of gods and heaven, Indra, and placing a clock on the east wall, will attract prosperity. As per Vastu rules, you should avoid placing the wall clock in the south direction. Otherwise, it will have a negative impact on your family and finances

Vastu Shastra Tips For A Great Academic Path

  1. Don’t make a study room below the bathroom
  2. Place the study table on the East or North side of the room for a better concentration
  3. Leave some space between the study table and the wall to ensure the flow of energy.
  4. Keep the bookshelf on the East, North, or North Eastside
  5. Never keep a mirror in front of the bookshelf as that can increase the study pressure
  6. Lit a lamp on the South-East corner of the study table for good luck

Best Vastu Tips For Home Temple | Vastu Tips For Temple At Home

Indian Pooja room
Indian Pooja Room | Photo by MikeLynch, CC BY-SA 3.0
  1. The best location for the pooja room is the northeast corner of the house.  
  2. The Pooja room, it is in the northeast corner of the house. This is to acquire the maximum energy from Sun 
  3. It is ideal to make the Pooja room on the ground level rather than the basement or higher floors
  4. Pooja room ceiling should be of gopura shape for a positive atmosphere and it should be low.
  5. You may use a threshold to keep ants and insects away from the sacred place of your home
  6. Place the ideal few inches away from the wall and at least 6 inches from the ground
  7. Never place paintings or portraits depicting violence in this room
  8. Storage of religious books, pooja-related items, and lamps should point to the South-East to get maximum sunlight
  9. You should create a meditative atmosphere by using only light colors like white or yellow. Don’t use dark colors as they distract your attention
  10. Pooja’s room should be properly lit to look bright. You must use bright lights to lit it. You can use artificial lights as well

Vastu Shastra Tips For Toilets & Bathrooms

Our older generations were also making houses as per Vastu. During that time people used to go out in open fields for morning rituals. Gradually things changed and people started making toilets outside of their homes. After some time people started constructing toilets inside their homes. Off late toilets are clubbed together with the bedrooms which are simply not good as this carry lots of negativity. As per Vastu toilets or bathrooms should be in the west or north-west direction. Never purchase a house that has toilets or bathrooms constructed in other directions as no corrective measures can be taken to offset the negative impact of this dosha

Vastu Shastra Tips For Overhead Water Tank

I am sure this is easily neglected but it also plays an important role in Vastu. The placement of the overhead water tank should be in the west or southwest direction of the house. If you decide it to be in the southwest direction then it should be at least two feet above the top slab. Water storage tanks and water sumps should not face the west,

Vastu Shastra Tips For Proper Ventilation

As you know air and sunlight are essential elements for human life and Vasstu as well. Proper ventilation and ample sunlight always bring positive energy into the house and kill negative energies. Perhaps some of the Vastu tips for positive energy in the home are very basic in nature. They also attract money. There are hundreds of reasons to make sure that the home is properly ventilated

Vastu Shastra Tips For Septic Tank

If you are looking for a perfect house according to Vastu then why leave even the Septic tank which holds the waste from the kitchen and bathrooms until it is flushed out. Therefore, experts believe that it harbors negativity. Placing it incorrectly will lead to adverse effects on the people living in the house.

As per Vastu Shastra for houses, the septic tank should only be placed in the northwest direction at home. It should not touch the compound wall in any case

Vastu Tips For Home Colour

Colors are a very important aspect of Vastu. Therefore, avoid using dark colors. You should always use light colors like white, shades of white, yellow, pink, coral, green, orange, or blue to leverage positive vibes. Never use dark colors as they attract negativity

Best Time To Move Into A New House

  1. Always follow Panchanga (Hindu Calender) for Greh Pravesh (entering a new home). You should avoid entering a new house in Rahu Kaal (Rahu Kaal is the bad time of every weekday, you can see this in Panchang)
  2. Experts recommend entering an empty home. You should only take gas or a stove to be introduced into the kitchen. While entering a new home, break a coconut and then venture into the house with your right foot inside first.
  3. You must do a havan ceremony in the new house to get the blessings of God. This is also to please the fire element. Sprinkle River Ganges water everywhere in the house to remove negativity. You may mop the floor with salty water to remove negativity.

What are the five elements according to Vastu Shastra

Five elements are Earth, Air, Space, Space & Water

What is the best direction for a home?

The best direction for the house would be East, North, or North-East. It should never be the South-West

Is Vastu Shahsra effective?

Yes, it is very effective as it revolves around the natural elements which are present in mother nature. You can expect great results in a few days

Is Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui the same?

No, both are different approaches looking for the solutions for the same problem.


By using these Vastu tips for home, homeowners can maximize the power of the direction and channel harmony and positivity throughout their homes

We hope you will take some actions to sort out some of the problems which can be solved by implementing a few simple Vaastu tips & tricks. For our Hindi readers if you want to read these Vastu tips for home in Hindi, just copy the text and paste it into Google translate. By following the above Vastu tips for a new home you will defiantly see the results. We have tried to cover all tips of Vastu for home, still, if you have some more useful tips and tricks kindly comment so that we can incorporate those and a few lives can live happily